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Dear Señor Fernandez,

I have enjoyed many of your stories about Angostura / Cd Bolivar's history and would like to thank you so much for all of your efforts!

My name is Asmus Georg (George in the US) Pauls, I am the Great great great grandson of Adolfo Wuppermann, the Great great grandson of Juan Wulff, the Great grandson of Ludwig Franz Kochen and the Grandson of his daughter Olga (who was born in Cd Bolívar). I am related to the rest of the families listed above.

My cousin Armando Tello Kochen (from Caracas) and I visited Cd Bolívar in February 2013 and we had an amazing time! This was my first trip to Venezuela, to meet family and finally walk where my family had walked so many years ago, it was a short trip, but still incredible!!

I was just reading your story of the Old Cemetery (both Catholic and Protestant) Armando and I visited both and were amazed at how many of the family were buried there! The visit also solved some questions I had about the family as I have been working on our family tree and the family's history.

I would love to learn more of Angostura / Cd Bolívar as I found it such a beautiful place and wish I could have stayed longer! I will certainly come again for a longer stay when the current situation gets better.

There are many family stories that I would like to investigate, such as the death of John William Hammer, who is buried in the Protestant Cemetery, the (I believe) site of Juan Wulff's home on a large rock near Martin Haars Posada Don Carlos and many more!

There are a few books that I have found that have been very helpful in my research of the family, two are by a Jesuit Priest in Trinidad Anthony de Verteuil (who is also related) that detail how the family first came to Trinidad and then to Angostura. The first is "The Germans in Trinidad" and "The Urich Diary". They are hard to find as they were published in Trinidad and were small press runs, I have Father Anthony's permission to make a limited number of "research copies" mostly for family, but if you would like I can send you copies. Then there is a published Doctoral Thesis written by Annette Christine Vogt. "Ein Hamburger Beitrag zur Entwicklung des Welthandels im 19. Jahrhundert" it deals with the Trading family Wappaus and it's dealings with Venezuela, it is written in German. Lastly there are 3-4 books written by Rolf Walter, that I am sure you have seen as they deal with Venezuela and the German Merchants, the two I like the best are "Los Alemanes en Venezuela y sus descendientes1870 - 1914" and "

Los alemanes en Venezuela: Desde Colon hasta Guzman Blanco (Spanish Edition)".

The family tree that I am working on is on and currently has ~11,200+ persons on it, many in Venezuela. I have loaded almost all of my old family photos onto it, including Adolfo and Zoyla, Juan and Guillermina, Franz and Zoila Magdalena, their home in the country  outside of Cd Bolívar (it probably is inside Cd Bolívar now due to how much it has grown!). If you would like to look at the tree please send me an email and I can send you the details.

Again thank you so much for all you have and continue to do to document the history of Cd Bolívar!

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New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938

PS I am very lucky to have found Martin and family as well as Karla Herrera Wulff and family!

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