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Cementerio Centurion

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I am interested in locating the burial location of ancestors of my grand father and grand mother who are listed below.   They lived in Cuidad Bolivar from the end of the 18th century, apx. 1766, until their deaths.  I believe they are buried in Cementerio Centurion.

Family members:
Manuel Ortiz, died 6 May 1829, and his wife Dona Josefa Amundarian
Pedro Maria Ortiz son of Manuel Ortiz, died mid 19th century, and his wife Dona Antonia Gutierrez
Don Juan (Alvarez) Rodil, died early 19th century, and his wife Dona Juana Josefa Rivero Morin
Santiago Goursac, died early 19th century, and his wife Maria de la Cruz Gonzalez
Martinano Rodil, died mid 19th century, and his wife Clotilde Goursac

I am also interested in obtaining a copy of the marriage record for my grand parents, Jorge Ortiz and Margareta Rodil.  I believe they married in Cuidad Bolivar about 1896-1900.  This was my grandmothers’s second marriage. Her first marriage was to a Senior Calderon about 1890.  

Please be so kind as to advise me as to who can help me in these matters.

Thanks for your consideration.

Peter Hageman

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